ImageSmart™ PACS Enterprise

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ImageSmart™ PACS Enterprise

ImageSmart Enterprise PACS takes healthcare to a much higher level and increases productivity dramatically. Save time with ImageSmart Enterprise PACS ImageSmart Enterprise PACS saves time of patients, doctors, specialists, and hospital staff.

  • Immediate Alerts:

    Alerts are provided in Application when study is Imported or Exported or when a study is received from modality to worklist

  • Intelligent Album:

    • Radiologist/Technician can create an album of Studies depending on various criteria like Study Date-Time, Specific Modality, Ref. Physician, Reporting Status

  • Source Selection:

    • Radiologist/Technician can create a new Source where other images are stored

  • Archiving/Retrieval Images:

    • ImageSmart provides a way to Archive Studies to External HDD(Backup Drive) at specified Time, also images can be retrieve from the External HDD(Backup Drive) to worklist

  • Import:

    • DICOM Images of all type of Modality can be Imported into worklist

  • Export:

    • Selected Studies from Worklist can be Exported to other Worklist using DICOM Send Configuration

  • Anonymize Study:

    • By Selecting Study from Worklist, you can change the DICOM Tags, and create a Preset for Anonymize

  • Advance Searching Filters:

    • You can apply various filters on Worklist to sort the Study

  • QuickView Window:

    • You can view Preview of Selected Study/Series in QuickView Window and can perform Basic Operation Like Scrolling, Zooming, Windowing

  • DashBoard:

    • Provides idea of how many studies are present in your worklist, depending on Various filters like Modlity, Study Date, Ref. Physician and Reporting Status.