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The application SonoSmart is used to observe body structures that are internal namely muscles, joints, tendons, internal organs and vessels. The objective of this application is to find source of a particular disease or to eliminate relevant pathology. A commonly used practice known as obstetric ultrasound is used for examining pregnant women.


Sound waves with frequencies (>20,000 Hz) that are higher than those that can be heard by humans is known as Ultrasound.

Sonograms or ultrasonic images are generated using a probe by sending pulses of ultrasound in to the tissue.

Different tissues reflect varying degrees of sound as sound echoes of the tissue. The echoes can be recorded and displayed in the form of an image which can be seen by the operator.


Sono (SMART) Functionalities

User Management

Study Management

Work List

Compare Studies

Image and Video Viewer

Series navigator | Key images

Cine Mode Reporting


Storage of Multi-Modality DICOM Images with or without Pixel Data Compression


Modality Support

Sono (SMART) Key Features

MPEG capture

Auto-run CD viewer

High resolution, high quality, image and cine loop capture

User can store thousands of images on computer

Cine loop capture up to 45 minutes or more can be done, Capturing in different sizes

Dual Foot Switch for multiple functions, User can capture images, videos or both simultaneously, Pause and Resume function while recording, Capture images from offline videos

Audio Capturing

Facility While Recording (Start , Pause, & Resume)