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Radiological imaging data are more and more often stored on portable digital media (e.g. CD or DVD) replacing traditional film. This means that there is an increasing demand to read-in the studies and load the images and reports to a PACS. Reading in CDs manually, one by one, can become a time consuming and cumbersome process at the front desk.

The Dicom Uploader allows automating this process by using a robot to load the discs and upload their content to PACS or diagnostic workstations. The Dicom Uploader dramatically simplifies the handling of patient CDs. The Dicom Uploader provides a powerful Patient & Study data reconciliation tool. The straightforward, accurate and efficient process makes sure that the information uploaded from the Patient CD or Archive Discs are matching 100% with the data of the PACS or RIS of the hospital (e.g. Patient ID, name, Acession Number ...).

Uploading studies and DICOM images is one thing. Making sure that the DICOM metadata of the uploaded images are matching with the patient records is a different challenge. The patient ID may not match simply because the DICOM examination has been processed in a different radiology institution than the one where the images have to be uploaded. The patient name can be misspelled or the birthday wrong.

The Dicom Uploader provides a powerful reconciliation tool. The process is straightforward, accurate and efficient. Prior to upload the studies from the patient CD, Perennity compares the patient ID, name, birthday and sex of the images stored on the CD with existing patient data stored in the PACS or the RIS of the hospital. If the patient data are 100% matching, the DICOM images are automatically uploaded. If one of the metadata (the patient ID, name, birthday, sex) is not matching, the upload is set on hold.